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Philips Airfryer the best Low Fat Fryer

Philips have really excelled themselves with the Airfryer series .  With three models in the series, which you can see in the lefthand sidebar, you have the basic model 9220 , the digital control model 9230 and the larger XL version 9240. Click on the sidebar pictures to read our in depth findings for each model. Elsewhere on our site, there are some reviews of other Airfryers for comparison. Although there have been some very innovative designs recently, the Philips range is outstanding for versatility, build quality and longevity. 

Philips Airfryer Secret: It Fries your food with less Fat

It’s so hard to give up on the good old fried foods all in the name of keeping healthy, right? Although losing and maintaining weight requires you to stay away from fast and processed foods, we just can’t just pretend that fries and anything fried suddenly isn’t delicious any more. What if you found out that there is a way that you can keep enjoying the ever tasty fried foods without having to  worry about your waist line? That would be a dream comes true.


Video showing white model with digital timer


Philips HD 9220 Number One Best Selling AirFryer

Cooking food has never been this easy, efficient and fun. Who could have imagined that you can fry 500gms of food with only half a table spoonful of oil? This is simply unbelievable yet true.
The technology behind this is that hot air is used more than the oil is. Actually, it is not advisable to cook excessively fatty foods such as bacon using this air fryer. You are only required to pull the food basket open, put your food on top of the mesh wire inside, sprinkle or spray the food with a little bit of oil, push it back and start cooking. It’s as simple as that.

Healthy Way to Cook Fries

The hint of oil plus the hot air is enough to completely cook the food. You can never tell the difference between food fried using this appliance and that which is deep fried in a lot of oil. This way, you get to have your favorite fried food minus the excess dripping oil. The goodness is the same and so are the taste and the texture. If you want your fries to have a little bit of crisp, simply reduce the heat and keep them in a little bit longer. You do not have to compromise on the goodness but you stand to gain by consuming fewer calories. Cooking fries takes only 10 to 20 minutes to perfectly cook which is ideal for a fast meal. This saves on the resources too. If  you only used the Philips to cook chips, you would save at least 30% on electricity costs. The Philips is so versatile and handy, you will want to fry and bake a tremendous variety of food in it.

Safety First when Frying

The safety of this equipment is outstanding. Openly deep frying food in a frying pan full of hot oil , especially in a home where there are kids is extremely hazardous, children able to reach the pan risk being severely scalded. With the Philips Airfryer these risks are eliminated. Anything can happen in terms of accidents so always play it safe. The oil spatters are bound to stain your kitchen walls and surface hence needing thorough cleaning required thereafter. This is unlike the air fryer which is totally safe and easy to clean. The only cleaning required is of the food basket. When you change from deep frying to Air Frying you will notice the lack of used cooking oil smells that tend to linger after cooking. With any electrical unit taking more than 1000 watts, (the HD9220 takes 1400 watts on full power) always use ONLY the supplied cord, do not be tempted to extend it or use an extension socket or double socket. Besides the possible electrical hazards of doing this, an extension cord can be tripped on by kids or pets!!!

Simplicity and Speed when cooking

This must have kitchen appliance enables you to deep fry right about any type of food within a short period of time and with only half a tablespoonful of oil. What’s more, it is perfectly designed for convenience too. With a modern, sleek and stylish design the Philips Air Fryer perfectly fits any kitchen counter hence adding to its appeal. It has a removable food basket that you put your food in to then push it back in. I liked the quality of the drawer and basket, it fits well and always remains closed.


Philips Viva HD9230 in  white  (same size as 9220 + digital controls )


Philips have made this Appliance totally versatile and Teenager Proof !

You can adjust its temperature up to 390 degrees meaning that it can air fry right about any food regardless of its texture and thickness. You can reduce the temperature when cooking simple foods too hence versatility and convenience. When your food is ready, the Philips Air Dryer is designed with a 30 minute timer that goes off with a “Ding!” sound to alert you that your food is ready. This also means that you can leave the food cooking as you attend to other duties around the house without having to worry that it will get burnt. The automatic shut-off efficiently sees to this. This is a great feature if you have teens in the house, they don’t have a great concentration span when cooking, so if you’ve lost count of the number of burnt offerings that end up in the bin…. this is for you!  If your kids are a little heavy handed and clumsy, don’t worry, unlike some modern cookers the heating element is a conventional type and is not fragile, our Philips took a tumble a couple of times when we took it camping! But it survived perfectly well and is still in daily use now, several years later.

Cleaning couldn’t be simpler

The removable jug/ food basket that you use to put food into is designed with a mesh material that stands between the food and the base of the fryer to prevent it from sticking. It is while on this mesh material that you spray the food with a little bit of oil then begin the cooking. This part is dish washer safe hence making cleaning easy. The food basket can contain 1.8lbs of food. This means that you can cook food in large quantities hence convenient. Some air fryers are designed with multiple compartments which mean that you can cook different types of food at the same time without having the flavors mixed. Imagine how much time you’ll be saving this way.

No Smell

When someone has been deep frying, in a big pan of oil, everyone knows it !  That heavy odour lingers sometimes for days, its  like living next door to a chip shop ugh!

If you have a cooker hood or other unit to vent cooking steam and odours out of the kitchen, you will know how much the filters clog up when frequently frying food, you’ll be pleased to see how much it improves when you start to use the Philips Airfryer, which hardly lets any vapour escape at all, so really cuts down on cleaning around the kitchen.


The Philips range has an integrated filter, which vents the high pressures a little, when the fan is circulating the hot air around inside. So none of the oil laden air gets into the kitchen, less cleaning and long term less mess altogether.


Philips ensure that you get a good recipe book with your purchase of this airfryer. This has 25 recipes that you can try out. The unit is a good solidly built appliance , weighing about 19lbs, hence you might need to put it at a central place in the kitchen. The Philips Air Fryer is a worthy purchase based on its outstanding features and benefits.


Philips 9220HD Add to Cart Philips 9220HD Addtocart
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9220USWhAddToCart 9220AddtoCartUSBk
$155.00 USD

Philips HD9220 Technical Stuff

Power consumption for this model is 1425Watts on full power. It has an 80cm power cord. Uk and European models are for 230volt mains electricity.  US models are 110/ 120volt as normal.

Weight of the unit is 7 Kg and its cooking capacity is 800g. Height  315 x Width  287 x Depth 384 mm

Setting temperature and time on the 9220 Dials is extremely easy

As you can see on this close up, setting the dials is simplicity itself.  The Timer can be set up to 30 minutes, it is a simple clock dial timer. There are some models of fryers and tabletop ovens where the timer cannot be turned back, but the Philips dial is robust and CAN be turned back without damage. Temperature is also set with a dial and is up to 200C.

Using Foil in the Philips Airfryer

Foil , ( as in aluminium foil ) has always been a useful device to prevent over cooking, for instance turkey legs in a conventional oven. The technique was unavailable to users of the microwave as foil conducts and causes fireworks in the oven!

In the Airfryer though , there is no such disadvantage and this useful method can be employed again. When cooking cucumbers , corn on the cob, squashes etc… anything with a high water content, covering with foil can be a great technique to avoid burning the tops of your vegetables.


With cakes, unlike vegetables or chips you are not shaking the basket or turning the food, so again you need to avoid the top being overcooked or burnt . Foil can be used for this, but always puncture the surface with about 20 holes, escaping  moisture can be let out easily then.  To get that nice brown or crusty finish to a sponge, remove the foil for the last 5 minutes.


When using foil, always ensure there is adequate air flow room around the food in the basket, if not then the vortex of hot air, which is its main method of circulating the hot air , will not work and your food will not be cooked or will not cook evenly. Always make certain the foil is fairly tight around the cake or vegetable. Avoid at all costs any loose foil.


The Airfryer is the best method I’ve ever found for Clams and other seafood. Add some wine after scrubbing the shells thoroughly , then seal up in foil. Set up 200 degrees for just 15 minutes, discard any unopened clams.

Corn On the Cob

Next time you can’t think what to vegetables to make with your lunch, wrap a corn in foil, set the airfryer up for 20 mins at 160 degrees et voilà !

Philips Airfryer Smoking during cooking

If you have experienced this, don’t worry its usually nothing worse than a build up of splatter around the heater. Philips advise the following on their website

Basically the higher fat foods do produce a small amount of ‘splatter’ when cooking in the Philips range of airfryers. The heater area is difficult to clean, but the technique described on their website will stop all but the very worst cases if done regularly.



First make a fresh  solution of baking powder and water , about 3g of baking powder to 100ml of water, pour into a spray bottle

Unplug the Philips , take out the drawer unit and turn the fryer upside down

Spray onto the heater and surrounding dirty area and leave for 1 minute then put the Airfryer upright again, standing for about 30mins

Repeat the spraying step once more

Put the Airfryer upright and half fill the drawer with hot water, operate the Airfryer for 20 mins at 200 deg C

Let it cool down, but while warm, invert the unit again to clean the element with a cloth and behind with a toothbrush very carefully

Allow to dry thoroughly before using it again.


Gadget Show Finds the Philips AirFryer is a Winner

Channel Fives Gadget show recently tried three of the most popular Chip fryers against each other, letting the Edinburgh public judge which of the results was the most tasty.



Having thrust the chips from the Breville Halo the Halogen powered fryer, the Actifry from Tefal and the Phililps Airfryer at the tourists for a while , Gadget Show presenters Jason and Polly concluded that the Philips was easily the winner.

The Gadget show often does some silly tests which I watch  and  cringe at. They didn’t really give enough attention to the preparation of the chips , but hey fair enough, they were equally negligent for all three cooking machines so I guess the result has some validity. Entertaining stuff  and another feather in Philips Cap !

Watch this Gadget Show Episode

Watch this Gadget Show Episode


Cheap Dinner Ideas with the Philips Airfryer

Whilst there isn’t a great deal you can do about food prices, always on the way up. Consider the alternatives when cooking your food. A conventional oven or a four ring cooker will consume a huge amount of electricity or gas and most of the heat generated is completely wasted!

Make big Savings

  • There are a couple of alternative methods which require no preheating of the oven, making huge savings when you consider how long the oven is actually on with nothing inside it cooking,  over a full year of use. 
  • There is a waste of power too, heating a large oven, when you are cooking for one or two people. 
  • Further, every time you open the oven door, it will have to reheat that big space again.

Introducing the Philips Airfryer . This little cooker takes the bare minimum of power to heat up. It cooks more rapidly than any conventional cooker. It will fry in 80% less oil than normal. During cooking the fan circulates hot air, for some of the time the element is turned off, leaving the fan to continue circulating and cooking, reducing the 1425watts consumption to only 400 watts.

The Philips Airfryer is also going to reduce the amount of oil or fat in your family’s diet, by a huge amount. So you don’t have to deny them their fix of fries with everything. But you can have an influence on the overall amount of fat consumed. Lets face it, McDonalds aint going to close anytime soon…. and kids love to meet up in McDonalds with friends.

So what can this little marvel cook?

Chips / Fries of course

Chicken, done to perfection, not greasy, cooked thru in hardly any time, doesn’t dry out the meat, makes the most succulent chicken on the planet. I’m really not having a go at fast food  places, but have you seen the state of your fingers after a Kentucky Fried feast, more grease than you can shake a  stick at. Really try this Airfryer, my kids absolutely love it and there is never any chicken leftovers. So its pure tasty protein, without all that skin and coatings ( don’t forget its under the skin that all the fat of the bird is stored ) and the taste just can’t be beaten.

Frozen foods of all kinds: fish fingers, chicken nuggets, goujons, kievs, burgers, hamburgers, sausages, turkey burgers, scampi, chinese meals, sweet n sour …….. the list is endless. They all work in the Airfryer, you don’t have to change the cooking instructions, just check it halfway thru and adjust the time if necessary. The Philips usually does it in less time than a conventional oven or grille.

McCain Box

If you currently use the very popular boxes of microwaveable chips available in the supermarkets, changing to bags of prepacked frozen chips , will save you about half of the price !!  They are ready quickly in the Airfryer, there is no mess, no oil at all to add, you can make the same amount as in 10 boxes in one go! Plus there are no boxes to throw away filling up the trash.

Philips Airfryer is step in right direction to combat obesity

A new report today reminds us of the modern epidemic of chronic obesity sweeping the developed world. reported today about the need to combat obesity in the middle east. The World Health Organisations recent compilation of data for fifteen to twenty age group in particular, show big increases in the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait regions. Women seem to be the most at risk with higher rates of physical inactivity 70% of them reportedly overweight or obese in this new report. Almost 30 % of men are similarly affected.

The same story is prevalent throughout the developed world. Dr Ruquiya Alusmani said “Taking steps to prevent and control the health issues plaguing our region, should be our number one priority. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that people need to take extreme measures and struggle or deprive themselves”. Dr Alusmani went on to advocate changes in cooking to reduce fat intake and praised Philips for their smart methods in devising the Airfryer.


No one is about to shut down all the McDonalds , Kentucky Chicken and other fast food outlets and stop eating all the things we have become accustomed to, but  we have to be careful to consider the long term damage these can do, when your diet incorporates too much , like diabetes, heart diesease and blood pressure. A simple change to make, would be to reduce the amount of fat intake, by changing the way we cook at home. The Philips Airfryer cooks delicious chips / fries with only 10 to 20 % of the amount used in a typical deep fat fry method. Also by changing to good oils like olive oil, with the Airfryer, you can ensure you are giving your family a good start in life. Trends tend to continue so make sure your Good habits are copied by your offspring!  Only a  generation or two ago, everyone cooked at home almost all the meals of the day and hardly anyone was overweight. Similarly when I went to school we all walked there and back, now hardly any of our children get that daily exercise, arriving at school in a car.



Healthy Chips

Healthy Chips Is it Possible?

One of the leading causes of obesity is consuming deep fried foods. Unfortunately, these kinds of food seem to be the easiest to make and the tastiest of them all. Almost 80% of the population in America admits to over indulging in fries, deep fried onion rings, chips and all other kinds of deep fried foods. The fact that these are available in restaurants and fast food joints all over the world makes them even harder to resist. The aroma of their being cooked will unconsciously see you order for them.

Do you just love fries? You will be interested to know that this is an actual healthy food if cooked the right way. The excess cooking fat that it is cooked in is what makes it an unhealthy food. Potatoes are low in saturated fats, sodium as well as cholesterol. This means that if cooked the right way, your heart and body remains healthy.


Fat Left in Fryer after cooking typical frozen prepacked foods

Shows how much fat we consume when cooking in conventional ways

Potatoes are also a good source of potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and manganese. These are all valuable nutrients that boost your immune system and provide you with adequate energy. In short, eating fries and any other potato foods can be healthy for you and your family. Combined with vegetables and protein they make the perfect balanced diet. What too many folks do of course is to forget the balanced bit and not have enough variation in their menus.

Philips has found away for fried food lovers to enjoy their favorite snacks without expanding on the waist line or even feeling guilty about it. Philips Air Dryer is probably one of the best kitchen appliances ever invented. This cooking appliance allows you to fry your foods, especially fries, in only a table spoonful of fat; sounds unbelievable but it is true.

It is designed to evenly and thoroughly cook food mostly with hot air instead of fat. The little cooking oil sprinkled over the food along with the hot air is sufficient to cook the food. Most people just love to use this appliance for cooking fries. Now, your kids can enjoy their fries all they want without worrying about obesity. Another thing you can do to make life as healthy as possible is to change to olive oil, take a tip from the Mediterranean diets of Italy and France where its benefits have been enjoyed for centuries.

You’d think that this would make the taste of the food being cooked different but it isn’t. The same old delicious taste of fries is maintained if not made better. You can even go a step further and make your fries as crunchy as you’d like. In this case, you only have to reduce the heat and keep them in there a while longer. The color of your fries will be the same as the deep fried ones. Actually, when placed side to side, you really cannot tell the difference. However, you will differentiate the air fried from the deep fried ones by touching. The air fried ones leave your fingers clean while the deep fried ones leave your fingers oily.

The cooking oil used in deep frying leaves the foods loaded with oil which means that it all ends up in your body. The cholesterol from the oil further clogs up your arteries and put you at risk of heart diesease and other ailments. The excess fat is stored under your skin hence making you fat and flabby. Nothing good comes after eating so much fatty food. If you thought about it , the guilt might make you visit the gym more often , but it doesn’t have to be that way, with the Philips airfryer, chips or fries are no longer your enemy!

Did you know that the Philips Air Fryer cooks your fries with 80% less fat? This means that you and your family can enjoy a plateful of your favorite snack without worrying about excess fat being stored  in your body, or your heart being at increased risk .


Tomato-Sausage with thin sliced potato fried in Olive Oil

Due to the nutritional value of potatoes, you can include it in most of your meals without having a shadow of doubt of what value it adds to your family’s health. Your kids will especially love the introduction of this delicious snack to the home menu. Make things interesting and include fries as a side snack to different foods such as beef stew, pan fried liver, guacamole or even a vegetable stew.

This gives you an idea of what to serve when your kids bring company over to study or even when your friends come over for a visit. You can never run out of opportunities to serve delicious  chips and other foods. In order to make your selection easy. The Philips airfryer comes with a good set of 25 recipes to start you off and you will find new posts on this website, with ideas for what to try in your new and best kitchen gadget.


Tips for the best AirFryer Chips

Cooking with fresh cut potatoes or wedges

Use a good firm potato brand, poorer types will tend to mush up.

When you’ve cut the potatoes into your preferred size and shape chips, soak them for 30 minutes in a bowl of cold or iced water. Then dry thoroughly on paper towels before loading into the Philips Airfryer. Then  add one to two ( depends on taste and quantity ) teaspoons of olive oil. It really does pay to buy the very olive oil you can, for the best results.
Shake the basket every 6 minutes, they are usually done in 12 to 15 minutes

chips in bowl

Using Prepacked Frozen Chips

Use from frozen, no need to thaw out.

These usually come pre prepared in oil, so no need to add any more oil. Again experience is everything, experiment with different brands and cooking times, I’ve often been surprised at how some of the cheaper brands actually give good results, especially if you prefer chips that are well done.  As above  shake the basket every few minutes to avoid them sticking together. The airfryer makes a terrific job of cooking evenly, it is very rare to get burnt ones, unlike oven baking them where you have to be soooooooo careful and very attentive.

chips perfect


For a little variation, try adding all or some of these ingredients to your chips

  • 1 Tablespoon of Grated parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 Teaspoon of sea salt
  • 1/4 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon of Paprika
  • 1/4 Teaspoon of Black Pepper ( I usually add a little more black pepper)

If you want to go for it, place  all the ingredients in a plastic bag , add the fresh cut and dry chips and shake like mad to coat them all in the mix

Now load up the Airfryer and cook

….. Delicious!

Quickest Best and Most Economical Fries

We all like chips, its not cheap or convenient to visit the chip shop and you wouldn’t want all those calories piling up, so what is the best, healthy, quickest and most tasty solution?  I had a look what was on offer at a typical supermarket….

McCain BoxThese microwaveable boxes of chips are quick, certainly, convenient yes but crispy  enough?  And throwing out all those boxes can’t be very green. Plus even at the 2 for £3 price tag , for 100 grams of chips, it’s a bit steep.



This 1Kg bag of frozen chips is much better value by a factor of four, but have you tried grilling them or oven cooking them?  At best if you are very attentive, they cook quite well, but if you aren’t constantly moving them around, they quickly burn, so you end up with a handful straight in the bin and probably some others around the edge of the grill pan, underdone… ugh! nothing worse than biting into a raw chip!









Solution:  Take the bag of frozen chips and fill up your Philips Airfryer basket. Shake at 6 minute intervals to ensure they don’t stick together, total time is 18 minutes, cooking temperature 200 deg.  The circulating hot air means that all the chips are cooked evenly and perfectly.  Check on your frozen chips purchase for cooking instructions.

  • The results are tasty YES !
  • Less money wasted , no boxes thrown out YES !
  • The method is really easy , even for teens  YES !
  • Economical  YES!



Cookery Show From Delhi demonstrating  the Philips Airfryer



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