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Breville Halo Plus Health Fryer

Building on the success of the Halo ( model VDF065   ) the new  Halo Plus ( model VDF105 ) has the interesting addition of a tilting mechanism. The idea being that food ( chips in particular ) will tumble over, when the cooking base is rotating




Main Features

Uses just 1/2 tbsp of oil to cook 1 kg of chips

Tilt action rotating bowl gives an even browning

Halogen heater can  fry, bake, saute and roast

Double action heater

75 minute digital timer

Includes removable dishwasher-safe non stick bowl

Accessories include roasting rack and measuring spoon


The Breville can fry and bake just like any Halogen, the capacity is quite good at 1.25Kg



The new Halo Plus can tilt by rotating the knob at the bottom shown here, which makes the food tumble when the oven is activated, to ensure even cooking. Ideal for chips or any similar cubed or diced food.





In this more conventional position, the unit acts more like a standard Halogen oven, but with a rotating base. So for nice even cooking of fish or meat use this position. For chicken it is recommended to use the wire grille stand, grease will drip out and this makes it very easy to turn over half way through cooking.

Cooking Mode Selection


In use you simply choose Grille mode or Dual Heat and set the timer. This I thought might be a bit limiting, with no precise control over the heat, but in practice it works very well with an enormous variety of foods. If you think of your Halo Plus as fan assisted oven and adjust your recipes accordingly, it usually works out fine. Frying is usually done with just the Grille option , so pizza, bacon , sausage or steak . Chips and baking are done with the Dual heat mode along with baking, pies and potatoes. The clear top is brilliant for checking when the food is ready, once you have refined your cook book with a few notes on timing and heat settings.  Comparing it to the previous model , it is noticeably faster, in use. This marvellous machine is a real A ++ Gadget !



 Download the halo_health_fryer_vdf105_instructions


What the buyers of the Breville Halo Plus said…

It’s about the size (and shape) of a motorcycle helmet, and essentially is a mini oven/grill. My family and I use it multiple times a day.

the cooking time is much lower than if I were using the oven. For example, a pizza that takes 15 minutes in the oven, takes less than 10 in the Halo.

this new Breville is amazing. I had the older model and was pleased with that but this one is far better. I cook everything in it and not used my gas oven for over 18 months. Food tastes better and is far healthier. I will continue to use this method of cooking as long as they keep making the healthy fryer. I looked at other models and in my opinon this one beats all other makes

Chips frozen or home made are excellent. We use it on tilt for chips with no problems at all. The same for most potato items we cook in it. Jacket potatoes are really nicely cooked, the skins are just right and the center is soft and moist. I have to say we truly rate this as a really great product.

At the time of writing this article, there were almost a 100 out of 111 reviews which were very favourable and only a few with any sort of problem. There are very few products I’ve seen with such a good amount of positive feedback.  Together with my own experiences with the Halo Plus I would say – Highly recommended product.





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One Response to Breville Halo Plus Health Fryer

  • Harris Cooper says:

    The Breville appears to only be available in the UK. Would anyone know if it can be used with the 110 volt mains power we have in the US as well as the 220 volt the UK has?

    BTW: I tried to phone the US Breville distributor to ask if they were going to bring these in. After buying several products through them, am very disappointed that they don’t answer their phone and their “call back” feature doesn’t work.

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