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9220 AirFryer
9220a Number One Best Selling Airfryer by Philips 0.8 Kg Capacity Dials to set Temp & Time
9230 AirFryer
9230a Philips Digital Model 0.8 Kg Capacity Touch screen to set Temp & Time
9240 AirFryer
9240a New Larger AirFryer 1.2kg capacity Digital display and touch screen settings
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Cheap Dinner Ideas with the Philips Airfryer

Whilst there isn’t a great deal you can do about food prices, always on the way up. Consider the alternatives when cooking your food. A conventional oven or a four ring cooker will consume a huge amount of electricity or gas and most of the heat generated is completely wasted!

Make big Savings

  • There are a couple of alternative methods which require no preheating of the oven, making huge savings when you consider how long the oven is actually on with nothing inside it cooking,  over a full year of use. 
  • There is a waste of power too, heating a large oven, when you are cooking for one or two people. 
  • Further, every time you open the oven door, it will have to reheat that big space again.

Introducing the Philips Airfryer . This little cooker takes the bare minimum of power to heat up. It cooks more rapidly than any conventional cooker. It will fry in 80% less oil than normal. During cooking the fan circulates hot air, for some of the time the element is turned off, leaving the fan to continue circulating and cooking, reducing the 1425watts consumption to only 400 watts.

The Philips Airfryer is also going to reduce the amount of oil or fat in your family’s diet, by a huge amount. So you don’t have to deny them their fix of fries with everything. But you can have an influence on the overall amount of fat consumed. Lets face it, McDonalds aint going to close anytime soon…. and kids love to meet up in McDonalds with friends.

So what can this little marvel cook?

Chips / Fries of course

Chicken, done to perfection, not greasy, cooked thru in hardly any time, doesn’t dry out the meat, makes the most succulent chicken on the planet. I’m really not having a go at fast food  places, but have you seen the state of your fingers after a Kentucky Fried feast, more grease than you can shake a  stick at. Really try this Airfryer, my kids absolutely love it and there is never any chicken leftovers. So its pure tasty protein, without all that skin and coatings ( don’t forget its under the skin that all the fat of the bird is stored ) and the taste just can’t be beaten.

Frozen foods of all kinds: fish fingers, chicken nuggets, goujons, kievs, burgers, hamburgers, sausages, turkey burgers, scampi, chinese meals, sweet n sour …….. the list is endless. They all work in the Airfryer, you don’t have to change the cooking instructions, just check it halfway thru and adjust the time if necessary. The Philips usually does it in less time than a conventional oven or grille.

McCain Box

If you currently use the very popular boxes of microwaveable chips available in the supermarkets, changing to bags of prepacked frozen chips , will save you about half of the price !!  They are ready quickly in the Airfryer, there is no mess, no oil at all to add, you can make the same amount as in 10 boxes in one go! Plus there are no boxes to throw away filling up the trash.

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