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9230a Philips Digital Model 0.8 Kg Capacity Touch screen to set Temp & Time
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9240a New Larger AirFryer 1.2kg capacity Digital display and touch screen settings
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Compare the Philips AirFryer with a Halogen Oven

How does the Philips Airfryer stand up against other Tech marvels like the Halogen Oven, renowned for versatility ,speed and economy. For this test and comparison, I have used the popular Andrew James Halogen Oven which has a standard size glass bowl of 10 litres , available in White Red and Black. For cooking the chips I have used an air frying attachment, which sits neatly on top of the bowl and allows hot air from the halogen heater, powered by a very fast fan to pass all the way around the chips or whatever else you are frying








The results were very good indeed. They cook in no time at all, the halogen oven is see thru and well illuminated when cooking, so its easy to see when the chips are ready. By extending the time a little, the food could be made as crispy as you like. It was particularly good when cooking pre packed oven chips, which can be difficult to cook evenly, usually in the conventional oven, if you are not careful and constantly stir everything around, some of the chips will burn and some ( Ugh! ) end up very undercooked. Not so with the air fry attachment, first rate results and fairly tolerant to not being turned, so obviously the hot air is circulated very well and cooks everything evenly.

The Andrew James Halogen Oven

The Andrew James Halogen performs well and is very economical, it can be purchased without all the usual extras if you wish, making it a real bargain. I recommend it fully, the timer and temperature dials were simple to operate, fully functional and idiot proof ( some anonymous brands, usually available in large discount stores, have a poor record of reliability and confusing displays and operation )  Having dealt with Clifford James before, I can assure readers that they are very fair to  deal with and have prompt delivery.

What Did buyers of the products think of their purchases

The Andrew James Halogen Oven

the oven is of extremely good quality and looks and feels very expensive.

this was a gift for my daughter and she said she loves it and would never go back to ordinary ovens again. She said everything is cooked to perfection and much nicer tasting. A truly good buy

better than cooker ovens,dont need to open door to see if cookings done. this is my second halogen oven last one died after 4yrs hope this one lasts as long. easy and simple to use would recommend to any-one

The Air Fryer Attachment Ring

wow this item was worth every penny it makes the greatest of potato wedges

Fantastic accessory for cooking the crispest chips ever and crisps anything you put in it. Don’t be put of by how near to the top everything looks just let it cook.

found to be great especially with even browning, they looked good and tasted even better, I would certainly recommend it.



Andrew James Digital





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4 Responses to Compare the Philips AirFryer with a Halogen Oven

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Sandra,
      Its just the method of heating, Halogen lamp in the Halogen Oven and a more conventional electric element heater in the Air Fryer. When Halogen Ovens first arrived on the scene the lamps were a little prone to damage with any rough treatment, like dropping the heater top and were not as long lived as other types of heater, but this has improved with newer models. On the plus side Halogens cook with hot air convection (like a fan assisted oven) AND IR infra red energy and Radient heat, whereas the Air fryer cooks only with hot air, so the Halogen will cook food faster. However the Airfryers supreme insulation means there is very little wasted heat and its pretty quick too. The capacity of the Airfryers is a little smaller compared with the standard Halogen oven, so you would tend to cook just one item – fries/chips, chicken, chicken nuggets, burgers…. in the Airfryer but the Halogen is easier to cook multiple foods at once.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Look at the size measurement on Amazon, if it is of standard design with the glass bowl then if it is described as a 12 Litre bowl ( 17 with extension ring ) then yes it should fit, this is the most common size. Andrew James 12 litres models for example are all the same size.

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