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9220 AirFryer
9220a Number One Best Selling Airfryer by Philips 0.8 Kg Capacity Dials to set Temp & Time
9230 AirFryer
9230a Philips Digital Model 0.8 Kg Capacity Touch screen to set Temp & Time
9240 AirFryer
9240a New Larger AirFryer 1.2kg capacity Digital display and touch screen settings
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At last a GoWise Product that will give the competition a run for their money ! The new 22621 is the right price and has the right type of display – digital, plus safety with the power cut off, when the basket is opened and a ‘press to release’ button on the basket.  The previous models were clumsy and very poor by comparison.



  • Cooking capacity 3.2 QT ( 3.0 liters) ( compared with Philips XL which is also 3.0 Liters )
  • Power cut off when basket removed
  • standby at end of cooking program
  • temperature 170 to 392 F
  • time 0 to 30 mins
  • Digital Display
  • Touch Screen Settings includes 7 preset values

To download the instruction manual Click Here

This model is very smart and would look great in any kitchen. The display is clear and operation simple.


The central figures show the time in minutes or the temperature in Fahrenheit. There are preset settings for the following types of food, selected with the “M” menu button at the bottom of the display, together with the settings that they engage:

  • warm up
  • chicken, 20 min at 400 F
  • cake, 30 min at 330 F
  • shrimp,20 min at 330 F
  • chips, 20 at 400 F
  • steak,  25 min at 400 F
  • fish, 20 min at 330 F
  • meat , 25 min at 370 F

When the unit is not in pre-set mode, the temperature is set by the +/- buttons on the right and time +/- buttons on the left.


The drawer once opened cuts off the power, so if your recipe calls for the food to be shaken half way thru, no problem it is safe to do so. If the button is pressed you can detach the  basket to make it easy.


Fantastic chips, enjoy the crunch without the extra calories of deep fat frying! The GoWise team have come up with a winner ,  this  model seems to have all the  necessary features and at a very good price. Plus no quirky features in the design and the control section is clear and easy to operate. Overall an excellent piece of design and production to a high standard.


What buyers of the GW22621 thought about their purchase….

This is a really nice product. Makes excellent fries although in small batches. Unfortunately, the booklet that comes with it really is crap. Not much information or recipes

easy clean up easy use .. just easy !!!! i so love that i don’t have all the huge mess that i would with a traditional fryer do yourself a favor and try this .. wish i got a kick back from this but i didn’t .. 🙁 but do love this little fryer !!!!

This had a larger size, electronic screen and was reasonably priced. So I bought it!! It’s great how it cooks, imagine making home fries with a tbsp. of oil. And they turn out so crunchy and tasty! So glad I bought this!!

I really liked. It a healthier way of coking without using lots of oil. I made chicken and it was delicious and crispy.

Works well and as described. I use it quite often instead of the big stove and oven.

It is very noticeable all but one of the reviews were positive on Amazon, from buyers, which is extraordinary.


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