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9220 AirFryer
9220a Number One Best Selling Airfryer by Philips 0.8 Kg Capacity Dials to set Temp & Time
9230 AirFryer
9230a Philips Digital Model 0.8 Kg Capacity Touch screen to set Temp & Time
9240 AirFryer
9240a New Larger AirFryer 1.2kg capacity Digital display and touch screen settings
Airfryers in the UK

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GoWiseUSA digital 2.5quart Airfryer

The new GoWiseUSA GW22611 digital model looks remarkably like the Philips Viva range and like the Philips it is also available in White or Black. The temperature, time and several preset functions are easily accessible from the digital control panel.

Main Features

  • Cooking capacity 2.5 QT ( 2.8 litres) ( compare with Philips XL is 3.0 Liters )
  • Timer up to 30 Minutes
  • Temperature  176⁰F – 392⁰F
  • Pre set cooking buttons
  • pan and basket detach from the cooker

Clear Controls

Digital controls offer some advantages over manual dial type controls especially in a messy environment like a kitchen, they are easy to set and to read, easy to clean and are totally and accurately repeatable.


The controls have specific and useful presets like Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Meat, Cake and Fish, which set up automatically the temp and time for each type. I liked the time ( on the left ) and temperature ( right) setting, it was clear and unambiguous , separate buttons for each function.




The power consumption ( set at full power ) would be 1500 Watts so over a period of time, if you used this instead of a conventional oven, especially as it cooks so much faster, you would be saving at least 30% on power costs.  Cleaning too, takes considerably less time, plus there is no lingering smell of frying in the kitchen with these new kitchen marvels.  For students or couples, on a low budget, the cooking capacity is more than adequate and the savings made will help a lot. For families of any size though, you would really have to use it as an ‘extra cooker’ or get a larger model, such as the Von Chef, also reviewed on this site.

Safety First

Unfortunately the GoWise falls down here. When in use, the outer case gets very very hot ! The most incredible part of the design is the basket release button, which is on the inside of the fryer , so when the fries are ready you burn your finger.




What buyers of the GoWise Digital Airfryer said …

I do however wish that the drip pan was teflon or something easier to clean. Maybe they will come up with a liner. For now I am going to try putting a piece of tinfoil in the bottom to help ease the cleaning.

Does everything an air fryer needs to do for several hundred dollars less than the most expensive.

Three months use and the non stick coating is already coming off 

Wings come out good and no messy clean up with the oil and the house doesn’t smell after cooking them like after deep frying. If not for the peeling ( of the pan surface ) , would give it 5 stars

Compare the GoWise to Philips at a glance


GoWiseUSA Philips 9230 HD Airfryer
goWiseDigi_150 9230White_150
Basket capacity 2.8 liters Basket Capacity 2.2 liters
PRESET buttons Programmable? NO PRESET buttons Programmable? YES
1500 Watts on full power 1425 Watts on full power
30 minute timer 60 Minute Timer
Temperature 176⁰F – 392⁰F Temperature up to 390⁰F
Cheap Membrane switch on the display High Quality touch screen display
$79.94 USD
$209.95 USD



There is no doubt this model is a big improvement over the 3.2 quart GoWise machine and represents good value. However when compared to the Philips Viva range 9220 9230 and XL model 9240, it is let down in quality. Where the Philips uses a touch screen, the GoWise  has a membrane switch, which is nowhere near as reliable and don’t forget it is being used in conditions very hostile to electronics, so long term I think the better value despite the initial price difference is going to be the Philips.  Also the presets are not reprogrammable on the GoWise and the settings have been reported to be a little ‘ optimistic’ , resulting in under cooking. The Philips on the other hand is programmable in the same way a TV channel can be made a  ‘favorite’, so your own exact settings are pre set, not someone else’s.



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$79.94 USD
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