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9220 AirFryer
9220a Number One Best Selling Airfryer by Philips 0.8 Kg Capacity Dials to set Temp & Time
9230 AirFryer
9230a Philips Digital Model 0.8 Kg Capacity Touch screen to set Temp & Time
9240 AirFryer
9240a New Larger AirFryer 1.2kg capacity Digital display and touch screen settings
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Philips Airfryer is step in right direction to combat obesity

A new report today reminds us of the modern epidemic of chronic obesity sweeping the developed world. ArabNews.com reported today about the need to combat obesity in the middle east. The World Health Organisations recent compilation of data for fifteen to twenty age group in particular, show big increases in the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait regions. Women seem to be the most at risk with higher rates of physical inactivity 70% of them reportedly overweight or obese in this new report. Almost 30 % of men are similarly affected.

The same story is prevalent throughout the developed world. Dr Ruquiya Alusmani said “Taking steps to prevent and control the health issues plaguing our region, should be our number one priority. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that people need to take extreme measures and struggle or deprive themselves”. Dr Alusmani went on to advocate changes in cooking to reduce fat intake and praised Philips for their smart methods in devising the Airfryer.


No one is about to shut down all the McDonalds , Kentucky Chicken and other fast food outlets and stop eating all the things we have become accustomed to, but  we have to be careful to consider the long term damage these can do, when your diet incorporates too much , like diabetes, heart diesease and blood pressure. A simple change to make, would be to reduce the amount of fat intake, by changing the way we cook at home. The Philips Airfryer cooks delicious chips / fries with only 10 to 20 % of the amount used in a typical deep fat fry method. Also by changing to good oils like olive oil, with the Airfryer, you can ensure you are giving your family a good start in life. Trends tend to continue so make sure your Good habits are copied by your offspring!  Only a  generation or two ago, everyone cooked at home almost all the meals of the day and hardly anyone was overweight. Similarly when I went to school we all walked there and back, now hardly any of our children get that daily exercise, arriving at school in a car.



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