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9220 AirFryer
9220a Number One Best Selling Airfryer by Philips 0.8 Kg Capacity Dials to set Temp & Time
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9230a Philips Digital Model 0.8 Kg Capacity Touch screen to set Temp & Time
9240 AirFryer
9240a New Larger AirFryer 1.2kg capacity Digital display and touch screen settings
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Using Foil in the Philips Airfryer

Foil , ( as in aluminium foil ) has always been a useful device to prevent over cooking, for instance turkey legs in a conventional oven. The technique was unavailable to users of the microwave as foil conducts and causes fireworks in the oven!

In the Airfryer though , there is no such disadvantage and this useful method can be employed again. When cooking cucumbers , corn on the cob, squashes etc… anything with a high water content, covering with foil can be a great technique to avoid burning the tops of your vegetables.


With cakes, unlike vegetables or chips you are not shaking the basket or turning the food, so again you need to avoid the top being overcooked or burnt . Foil can be used for this, but always puncture the surface with about 20 holes, escaping  moisture can be let out easily then.  To get that nice brown or crusty finish to a sponge, remove the foil for the last 5 minutes.


When using foil, always ensure there is adequate air flow room around the food in the basket, if not then the vortex of hot air, which is its main method of circulating the hot air , will not work and your food will not be cooked or will not cook evenly. Always make certain the foil is fairly tight around the cake or vegetable. Avoid at all costs any loose foil.


The Airfryer is the best method I’ve ever found for Clams and other seafood. Add some wine after scrubbing the shells thoroughly , then seal up in foil. Set up 200 degrees for just 15 minutes, discard any unopened clams.

Corn On the Cob

Next time you can’t think what to vegetables to make with your lunch, wrap a corn in foil, set the airfryer up for 20 mins at 160 degrees et voilà !

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